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The school now has an official Facebook page, to share and celebrate our activities with families, friends and the wider community – we love our school, and are proud of what we do. We hope that this will keep you better informed of our activities, help us to spread news and information in a timely and efficient manner, and bring us all closer together. See it as an interactive newsletter, that is regularly updated and accessible from anywhere! 

The Headteacher is responsible for the school’s Facebook page, and only approved content will be uploaded. Our policy is not to upload identifiable photos of pupils. Parents, carers, friends and other visitors to the page are able to leave comments and ‘like’ posts, but not to post new content or tag people. The direct messaging facility is disabled, and we will not necessarily respond to all comments beneath posts. The Facebook page will be monitored, but not constantly, so please communicate with us through other channels and don’t ask questions on Facebook which require a response.

We speak and act respectfully towards everyone, and we expect the same on our Facebook page. We are all role models for our children, and it is important to teach and show them positive online interaction.

We also have a responsibility to protect all our staff and pupils from abuse. Facebook is not an appropriate forum for negative comments or complaints about the school – if you have any problems or concerns, please speak to us in person and we will listen, or write to us in the traditional manner and we will respond. Derogatory comments about the school or members of the school community are unacceptable, and will be dealt with strongly. Similarly, any inappropriate activity by members of school staff will be dealt with in accordance with the staff code of conduct. If you have a concern about a post, please tell us by phone or face-to-face.

We know that social media is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, and fully respect that. We continue to produce newsletters and crucial information will continue to be communicated to you by letter, text message or telephone. 

We hope you are as excited as we are to see this develop positively. 

Thank you.



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