Teaching Staff

Mr D. Sumner

Assistant Headteacher:
Mrs. J.A. Oldale (Year Six)

Mrs. S. Russ (Reception)
Mrs. B. O'Neill (Class One)
Mrs. E. McDonald (Year Two)
Miss. C. Savage (Year Three)
Mr. J. Kernaghan (Year Four)
Mrs. T. Cullington (Year Five)
Mrs. E. Hermiston (Nursery)

Teaching Assistant:
Mrs. K. Baumforth
Mrs. E. Freeman
Mrs. N. Handley
Mrs. M. Jones
Miss. K. Loukes
Mrs. D. Marshall
Mrs S. Martin
Mrs N. Mascia
Miss. M. Oakley
Miss. L. Parsons

Inclusion (Special Needs/Child
Protection/Gifted and Talented):
Mrs. E. McDonald

Safeguarding Lead:
Mr D. Sumner

Deputy Safeguarding Lead:
Mrs. E. McDonald / Mrs. J. A. Oldale


Non - teaching staff

School Business Officer
Mrs. P. K. Oxley

School Business Assistant
Mrs H. Lambourne

Mr. D. Dannatt

Mrs. D. Evans
Mrs. J. Watson

Miss D. Solman

Senior Mid-day Supervisor:
Mrs. N. Handley

Mid-day Supervisor:
Mrs. L. Brown
Mrs. D. Frost
Miss. K. Meaden
Mrs. D. Marshall
Miss. K. Loukes


Calow Church of England (VC) Primary School,

North Road,




S44 5BD.

01246 274370


Please address general enquiries to Pam Oxley, School Business Officer


Report abuse here
Confidential website.

dial this number 01246 274370

page last updated: 19/11/2019

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